About Us

उदेश्य के लिनु? उडी छुनु चन्द्र एक

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space is the largest student-run Space organization in the world. SEDS originally started at MIT (USA) in 1980. It has chapters all over the world and consists of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students from a diverse range of educational backgrounds.

SEDS-Nepal is the main governing body for all the SEDS chapters within Nepal. SEDS-Nepal was established in 2003 and has done many Space and Astronomy outreach programs since then. SEDS-Nepal has visited many schools in and outside Kathmandu valley giving presentations on Space and Astronomy education, and organized night sky observation sessions with Meade ETX 90 mm telescope provided to us by Permission To Dream program.

See this 2007 presentation on SEDS-Nepal that was presented at SEDS International Conference 2007: PDF


  • To educate students of Nepal about benefits of Space Exploration and Development.
  • To engage students of Nepal in projects related to Space Exploration and Development.
  • To bring together Space enthusiasts that are spread all over Nepal and provide them forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas related to the Exploration and Development of Space.
  • To provide opportunities for the students of Nepal to interact and network themselves with leaders in the Space Industry around the world.

Current projects

  • CanSat workshops
  • CanSat competition
  • SpaceTalks (online live video conferencing with Space industry individuals form around the world)
  • Weekly Space Meet online meeting open to anyone in Nepal to discuss Space topics

School clubs/chapter activities:

  • Discuss current events in Space Exploration, and Space Industry as a whole
  • Work on different technical projects like Satellite Design, Rocketry, High Altitude Balloons, Business Plan, Astrophotography, Star Parties
  • Communicate with other chapters, and work on projects together
  • Organize public outreach programs about Space exploration
  • Organize Yuri’s Night Space Party on April 12 (or the week of)
  • Organize events during World Space Week (October)
  • Watch rocket launches live-stream together
  • Collaborate with local science and astronomy clubs, other SEDS chapters
  • Advocate space research to the Nepalese government, Universities, research institutions
  • Participate in SEDS-Nepal events, competitions
  • Collaborate with SEDS-Earth chapters around the world
  • Participate in SEDS-Earth events, competitions