About Us

How to Join

Students or recent grads can join two ways:

Not a student?

Or you can start your own Space club and make that club a branch of SEDS-Nepal:

Once you register, you will receive documents for getting started.

Ideas to get started:

  • Start informally
  • Find people
  • Involve faculty members, find mentors, advisors
  • Set up information session
  • Bring them to SpaceTalk
  • Set a structure
  • Decide on regular meeting dates
  • Find out formal registration procedure at your institution
  • Decide on membership fee (Important!)
  • Start a Space related project like CanSat development, Rocketry, High Altitude Balloon
  • Organize Space related events like rocket launch watch parties, lightning talks, space topics discussion forums

Rules for member clubs:

For your club (that is already registered with us) to remain as an active SEDS-Nepal member club / branch, the club must:

  • Send at least one representative to monthly SEDS-Nepal meeting
  • Attend as many SEDS-Nepal events as possible
  • Renew branch membership every year
  • Update us with branch members database every month
  • Have a fixed monthly meeting date for your branch
  • Help advertise SEDS-Nepal national events
  • Have active Twitter and Facebook Page