Support Us

How you can help

  1. If you are a student, you can join us.
  2. If your school doesn’t have a chapter, you can start a chapter.
  3. You can help recruit members.
  4. You can help start a chapter at a school.
  5. If you have expertise in any field, you can mentor us.
  6. If you have experience in the Space Industry you can speak with us. We run a speaker searies called #NepalToSpace. Virtual talk program. (Connect with our Events Manager)
  7. If you are a company/organization, partner with us to help each other (in marketing, etc).
  8. Sponsor us:
    1. Sponsor our projects: High Altitude Balloon, and many more. (See our sponsorship packet)
    2. Sponsor our chapters and their projects.
    3. Sponsor our chapter grant program.
    4. Sponsor our chapter and member award program.
    5. Sponsorship for Zoom account.
    6. Sponsor an Office Space.