Taking Nepal To Space Webinar November 2020

Why should you join?

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space – Nepal (SEDS-Nepal) is very excited to announce that we will be presenting in “Taking Nepal to Space” organized by Nepalese Students Association of The University of Texas at Arlington.

Why we want YOU to join us in this event:

  • You will learn about who is doing what to take Nepal to Space!
  • You will learn about how Nepal too can enter the Space Industry!
  • You will learn how Nepal can benefit by entering this Industry!
  • You will learn about how YOU too can get involved to take Nepal to Space (regardless of what major you are)!
Why this event?

NSA@UTA is hosting this webinar where representatives from ORION Space Nepal, ORASS-Nepal (chapter of SEDS-Nepal), and Birds-3 Project will be presenting about their activities and will be discussing the future of Nepal in the Space Industry.

ORION Space is a Nepali company that built the first satellite made in Nepal and is constantly promoting space education to the Nepalese youths. Similarly, the Open Rocketry and Space Society (ORASS), which is a chapter of Student for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)-Nepal has made history by being one of the teams selected from all across the world to participate in Spaceport America Cup. They are on the path to become the first Nepali team to design, build, and launch a student-made high power rocket that can lift off to 10,000 ft from the ground level. Additionally, the Birds-3 Project was responsible for building the first Nepali satellite with the help of Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan by collaborating with Nepal Academy of Science and Technology.

Presenters and Panelists

Doesn’t this all sound so fascinating to you?

The people involved in these projects are all trailblazers for the greater future of space exploration in Nepal, but what sets them apart is their constant effort in inspiring the next generation to pursue careers in the aerospace field. As you may already know, Nepal does not have a space program, neither does it have favorable conditions (yet) for Space companies to thrive, and it has been an uphill battle for these organizations to initiate their projects. Public understanding in this topic, and support from the general masses is very important for organizations like these to continue their work. This is why your participation in this event is very important!

Join us in this live webinar “Taking Nepal to Space” in which we will be discussing our projects, the challenges we faced, and the future steps. Please help us spread the word about the initiatives that we are taking to literally “Take Nepal to Space”.

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